Building/Room Details:

Classroom instructions (for students and faculty):

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  • Enter on south side of building, or under breezeway betweenn Hertz and Morrison
  • Accessible entrance on the west side, follow ramp into concert hall at floor level


  • Located on the ground floor near the staircase

Operational Considerations:

  • The seats do not include a writing surface; lapboards will be handed out at the door to each student
  • Absolutely no food or drink allowed in the auditorium
  • All classes will be staffed
  • There is a document camera instead of whiteboards or chalkboards

Preparation Area:

  • There is space behind the stage for instructors to prepare before lecture, but there is no green room with a mirror

Room Attributes:

Visit the Hertz classroom webpage for more details. 

Hertz Hall

Hertz Concert Hall