Pauley Ballroom

Building/Room Details:


  • Pauley Ballroom is located on the third floor of the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union building
  • Enter on the east side of the building
  • Stairs or elevator up to the third floor of MLK


  • Located on the first floor between Equator Coffee and Amazon, and on the second floor

Operational Considerations:

  • Close curtains for best lighting when showing slides
  • Use at least 20 pt font when displaying text
  • There are two installed screens which are high and shifted to the right side of the room
  • There will be 4 portable screens and projectors set up to resolve any sight-line issues in this very wide room
  • Limited available power outlets

Room Attributes:

Visit the Pauley Ballroom classroom webpage for more details.

MLK Student Union Building

MLK Student Union


Pauley Ballroom is on the third floor of the MLK Student Union Building